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I’ve recently finished writing the third book in The Veil Series – and by finished, I mean the ‘first draft is done – now the hard work begins.’ This book has by far been the most difficult to write. It has fought me every step of the way. I ditched 15k words of the first draft, I suffered my first ever bout of ‘Writer’s Block’ with this monster, and it’s still grumbling in the corner and occasionally sending ‘evil-sideways-glances’ my way. For some reason, this book has teeth.

The third book will represent half way (I’m planning a total of five books in the series) – and as with all half-way stories, there’s forward momentum, but not a great deal of resolution for the characters. The MC is in an emotionally dark place – and that doesn’t get better for her any time soon. Likewise, the supporting characters are all going through some fundamental changes. I’m also in that post-first-draft-funk. I’m sure other authors must experience it. The first draft is fun. I’m discovering the story, the characters are ‘dancing’ with me, and we’re all cool. Then it’s over, I’ve got to b*tch-slap those characters into shape, shuffle their scenes around, drag the true meaning of each word, and wrestle with an unruly plot. This is hard!

On the plus side, I get to work with my very talented cover artist again. I love cover art! I also get a boost from the lovely reviews for the first two books – so I know I am capable of writing something other people actually want to read!

A Writer’s life is filled with ups and downs and if anyone ever says it’s easy, they must be doing it wrong (or they’re impossibly and unfairly talented). Writing a book is a strange, tangled process, fraught with emotional barriers and disarming achievements.

So, while I’m currently wading through the mess that is the first draft, I can at least look forward to the end product which I will distil from this concoction of words. It’s tough, especially when the book fights back, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.