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Urban Fantasy Out Now

Urban Fantasy Out Now

Some books have to be dragged into the world, kicking and screaming, others come so easily they almost write themselves. While I can’t say Beyond The Veil was an ‘easy’ book to write, it’s certainly been an enjoyable one.

We follow the main character, an emotionally (and metaphysically) wounded half-demon woman called Muse. She’s tried everything to turn her back on her violent past, but when a less-than-human assassin attempts to kill her, she must return to the one man she hoped never to see again and ask for help. The Prince of Greed is not known for his charity. The price is high and the cost could tear her apart.

When your ex is the Prince of Greed, you’d better be ready to raise hell.

I have to thank my editors, especially Karen for making me chuckle at my own daftness, and the delightful Anna from Celairen Art who worked on the cover (she’s awesome).

So hop on over to Amazon and take a look. The paperback will be out next week.