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book-in-handNow the promotional blog post is out of the way I can be honest with you all. Publishing is terrifying. So terrifying in fact that I kept putting it off.

The book ‘Hunted’ went through various rounds of edits, my own and professionals. I had beta readers devour it and then went over it again and again until I became word-blind. Then… it was ready and the doubts crept in. Was it any good? Was it worth doing? Had I edited the soul out of it? Should I hold it back? Would I forever regret it? It’s got vampires in it, will everyone hate it?

So, as my finger hovered over ‘Save & Publish’ I’m not ashamed to say I got a little bit jittery. After twenty years (give or take a few years) I was finally ready to unleash my imagination onto the unsuspecting public. The doubts gave me hesitation, but then I realised – if I don’t take this one important step, it will all be for nothing. Like running a marathon and then stopping before the finish line. So what if it doesn’t sell, what did it matter if people don’t like it. I didn’t do it for the praise and certainly money didn’t fall from the sky and limos didn’t pull up outside after I’d hit the ‘Save & Publish’ button – I forced myself to remember WHY I was doing this.

For the love of writing.

And once I realised that, hitting ‘Save & Publish’ didn’t seem so terrifying. In fact, it felt liberating. Oh, the doubts are still there and the little jittery nerves (I may have developed a nervous tick in my right eye) but the journey continues and I’m loving every step* along the way.

Thank you all for walking beside me.