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I’m about 2/3 of the way through my first draft but already there’s a dark shadow looming behind me and it’s the terrifying realisation that when I do finally finish my magnum opus I know I will need to set the manuscript aside, let it mature and then put my editing hat on. 

Editing terrifies me. 

I love to write. I enjoy the words flowing through my fingers, spilling onto the page. I dive right in, letting inspiration flow. It’s a fantastic immersion. Whereas editing seems so opposed to creativity. Editing is the beast stalking in the night, the shark below the surface, ready to chow down on my creativity, tear it to shreds and then leave me with the pieces. 

I’ve ‘finished’ books in the past but only for my own pleasure, just to get them out of my head. This time however I have a goal to publish and to do that I need to get my head around editing. 

So I ask ask all of you out there. How do you do it? Should I be terrified or should I embrace the challenge and rise above the fear. (Ha! Easier said than done). Do you have any tips or advice, what has your experience been? Good and bad points. Dump it all on me, I’m ready to learn.